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Facilities Information

DATE: June 7, 2023:

General Inquiries:
Email: lmceinfo@lmceca.com

Resort Manager
Phone: 403-423-1013
Email: manager@lmceca.com

Leanne Graham:
Architectural Controller
Email: lgraham@homeworksweb.com
DATE: Feb 3, 2022:

We are required to follow all current COVID 19 mandates and policies. Please read and follow all posted signage when using the facilities.

Resort Maintenance: If residents know of anything that requires maintenance or fixing that we may have missed, please contact David by email at manager@lakemcgregorresort.com
DATE: May 21, 2021:

We are excited to continue the revitalization of the beach area at Lake McGregor Country Estates.

Phase One:
COMPLETE! This was the addition of 9 foot blue spruce trees that act as a windbreak and have been planted on the north side of the beach.

Phase One:
This phase is the addition of twelve prairie squire ash trees plus the addition of eight to ten smaller willow trees that will assist preventing further beach erosion.

If you are interested in donating to help with PHASE 3 revitalizing our beach are please take a look at our Go Fund Me Page.
We're happy to provide recognition to all donors by placing a donor board in the clubhouse.

DATE: Feb 3, 2022


DATE: May 10, 2021:

All docks have been installed. All motorized personal watercraft are now required to use the boat docks only